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WENZHOU QinFeng science and technology LTD. industrial business is committed to providing customers with high quality service, the pursuit of customer satisfaction is our consistent goal. In China, the business has a very skillful and experienced team of engineers, to provide customers with 24-hour service. Telephone:+86-577-56615558

On-site service

On-site service is refers to the engineer to customer site to provide installation guidance, commissioning operation and maintenance, fault clearing, technology upgrades and other services.

Return to factory maintenance services

Return to factory maintenance service is refers to the customer to fault device in the form of "door to door" sent to the designated service center for repair. Compared with the on-site service, returned to the factory maintenance costs are lower, mainly is suitable for small size of the device (large size of the device in the laboratory cannot complete with load test).

To replace the service

Confirmed to replace the service is a pointer to some device malfunctions during the warranty period, we will replace a fully-functioning device for you.

Spare parts sales and service

We have industrial business in domestic product spare parts warehouse, can provide you with the mainstream products of spare parts at any time. By selecting the quick and professional logistics transportation, can maximum limit to ensure accurate spare parts quickly delivered to clients.

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After-sales Service
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